During the past nine years there have been eleven regional, multinational and international documentation and design workshops employing empirical research and experimental design approaches concerning the urban landscape. The workshops are always triggered by an invitation held to the directors by an institution or a com­munity organization. This year we have been invited by the Municipality of Serres in collaboration with the Society of Architects of the city of Serres and we are focusing on the river valley at East side of the city.
The students and professors participating in the DDW2014 workshop are coming from distinct uni­versities of the East Mediterranean region. During the 7 day workshop a condition of multinational commonality will be challenged. Educational activities, lectures, fieldwork, design development and presentations are combined with collective dinners, mountain walks and discussions. Thus, every participant is becoming the vital unit of a collective process aiming to reach a result, combining the personal ability with the communal or general meditative need, interpreting and correlating with locus, landscape, cultural syntax and stereotypes as an attempt to gain any and all empirical data of a temporary eutopia. (...a term been given by Lewis Mumford in his epic book: The history of Utopias)


The workshop is open to unter-graduate students in the final years of their studies, post graduate students and young architects (who have graduated in the last five years). Participants, 70 in total, will be selected on the basis of CV and portfolio.




The team will be host at the Mountainous camp Chrysopigi by the Municipality of Serres.
The workshop is directed by the professors of the Department of Architecture of the Thessaly
University. Full accomodations will be provided during the seven days workshop
(double or triple rooms, meals, design and model materials).


The participation fee for the workshop and full board accomodation is 130 euros.


Friday 26 June 2014 – Thursday 3 July 2014.
Municipality of Serres, Chrysopigi Mountain Camp.