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Conference Organization

FourWays Travel
187, 28 Octovriou - Gamveta str. VOLOS - Greece, 38221
Tel. +30 (24210) 21607, Fax. +30 (24210) 34243, email: thekla@fourways.gr

Conference Venue

The eCAADe 2006 conference is jointly organized by the Department of Architecture and Department of Planning and Regional Development, University of Thessaly in Volos.


The Conference will take place at the Dept. of Planning and Regional Development Building, situated in the School of Engineering, Pedion Areos Complex.



The eCAADe 2006 conference venue in relation to lunch, technical keynotes and Reception venues are stated in the following map:


Travel Information

Arriving by airplane to:   continue to Volos via:
El. Venizelos International Airport
Tel.: +30 210 3530000
Fax: +30 210 3532284
  • Conference Coach
  • railway
  • coach
  • rented car
  • taxi
Thessaloniki (Salonika)
Macedonia International Airport
Tel.: +30 231 0408411
        +30 231 0473377
+30 231 0472638
  • railway
  • coach
  • rented car
  • taxi
Anchialos (25km from Volos)
limited number of charter flights from Netherlands and the UK [more info]
Tel.: +30 2428 077402
  • taxi
  • rented car
Skiathos Island (2hours from Volos via boat)
Selection of charter flights [more info]
Tel.: +30 2427 022954
  • boat
  • hydrofoil
Conference Coach from El. Venizelos International Airport

Tue. 5th Sept 12:00h
Tue. 5th Sept 18:00h

Saturday 9th Sept 7:00h
Sunday 10th Sept 7:00h

(Subject to demand)

must book with FourWays Travel in advance!

Cost:                  30€/person
Journey Duration:  4hours (approx.)
Intercity trains (Avoid non-intercity trains!)
(Volos Station is spelled "BOLOS" on the booking form)

El. Venizelos International Airport to
Athens Central Railway station

Athens Railway Station to Volos
direct: 15:49
changing at Larissa City: 6:50, 7:52, 10:50,13:23, 19:22, 20:40

Volos to Athens Railway Station
direct: 06:21
changing at Larissa City: 7:00, 10:37, 14:52, 18:54

Athens: +30 210 5240646
Volos:   +30 2421 024056

Suburban Railway: Est. 45min.
: Est. 45min
(destination Larissa Metro St.)
Warning: suburban and metro trains run up to 20:30 due to construction works in this period

Intercity Train: Est. 5 hrs

Macedonia International Airport

Salonika:+30 2310517517
Volos:    +30 2421024056

Shuttle bus service to Thessaloniki railway station

Estimated time of travel:  3 hrs
Coach Service  (coaches are faster than trains but less comfortable)
e-mail: info@ktelvolou.gr

El. Venizelos International Airport to Liosion Coach Station

Liosion Coach Station to Volos KTEL direct: every 2 hours (8:00am-22:00 pm)

Athens:+30 210 8329585 
           +30 210 8317186
Volos:   +30 2421 033254
           +30 2421 025527

X93 bus service: Est. 1 hr. (every 30mins) [more info]

Est. 4,5 hours
Macedonia International Airport Salonika:+30 2310 595424
+30 2310 595491
Volos:    +30 2421 033254
            +30 2421 025527

Shuttle bus service: Estimated time 1 hour.

direct: every 2 hours (9:00am - 23:00pm)
Estimated time of travel:  3 hours


Car rental
As there are no parking restrictions at the venue and most hotels provide street parking, renting a car is a viable option.


Taking a taxi from Athens or Thessaloniki all the way to Volos is too expensive!
For estimates of taxi prices from El. Venizelos International airport to coach and railway stations or the city centre look here.

only from Skiathos Island  

Three ships daily

Estimated time of travel: 1 hour and 40 minutes